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Moro-style demonstrated by my cousins Henry Torrentino & Andy Rõno
  1. Opponent strikes with right punch, parry, grab hand and hold with left hand - placing your thumb on back of opponent's hand.
  2. Keep grip of opponent's right hand and strike opponent's tricep vertically upward with your right knuckles to disable
  3. Now apply wrist lock while bringing your forearm up, round and down against his right bicep.
    Drop your weight while retaining your wristlock.
  4. Opponent will lose balance and topple forward (onto top of your head for headbutt if you wish).
  5. Bring your right arm round back of opponent's neck and lift his right arm up to rotate him clockwise - while he is still off-balance knee opponent with your left and right knee.
  6. Rotate opponent clockwise all the way to the ground, keeping hold of his right arm with your left.
  7. Opponent should now be on ground with his left-side pressed against floor - his right arm held up in the air with wristlock.
  8. With opponent's right arm still held up in the air with a wristlock, drop right then left knee down opposite sides of arm on opponent's head to secure him against ground (with his arm still held up an in wrist lock between legs).

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