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Arnis Kali Eskrima Stick Fighting Body Protector
Used by WEKAF practitioners and suitable for full contact stick or nunchuka sparring. Hand made in the Philippines, this body protector is far superior to current offerings in the market place. It features strong impact memory foam and velcro fastenings at the back. This armour has to be the best on the market and is far superior to the cheap imitations originating from outside the Philippines. There have reportedly been several cases of serious injury attributed to inadequate padding, use of poor quality materials and workmanship on products obtained from outside the Philippines. Here at FMA Direct we ONLY stock authentic made Filipino products.

Adult Sizes
Small £50.00 (P&P incl.) - Instructors please call for trade prices.
Medium £52.99 (P&P incl.) - Instructors please call for trade prices.
Large £54.99 (P&P incl.) - Instructors please call for trade prices.
XLarge £56.99 (P&P incl.) - Instructors please call for trade prices.
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