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Dan Inosanto wearing 'Moro' freedom fighter clothing in the film 'Game of Death' where he appeared as the Eskrimador guardian (FMA) trying to prevent Bruce Lee from ascending to the next floor of the Pagoda.
Black & Red Colours OF The Filipino Martial Art's Uniform
According to the book 'The Encyclopaedia of Martial Arts' when the Philippines passed into the hands of the United States, the American marines found themselves face to face with a people who had no respect for a .38 gun. They would fire round after round into the oncoming Muslim, whose Kris (sword) would just keep flailing (killing any soldier or civilian in its path) until he would finally collapse. Therefore higher calibre .45 revolvers were issued to knock attacking Muslims backward to stop them hacking one last victim as they fell forward. Theses fighters were the freedom loving Moros of Mindanao, who wore black dress with red headbands that symbolised that they had sworn a blood oath and were prepared to fight to the death.
Hence most uniforms today are black with red stripes - to symbolise the red headband of the Moros. For those of you who didn't know ...the Moro resistance fighter uniform was what Dan Inosanto wore in the film 'Game of Death' - as the eskrimador guardian fighting Bruce Lee.  

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