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The Filipino Martial Art is a complete fighting art encompassing:-
1. Mano-Mano (Filipino empty hands drilling and trapping)
2. Panantukan (Filipino boxing)
3. Sikaran/Pananjakman (Filipino low-line Kicking)
4. Dumog (Filipino locking and grappling)
5. Eskrido (weapons & empty hand grappling/locking)
6. Arnis (single and double stick)
7. Chuko (nunchuka)
8. Labtik (sling-shot)
9. Espada y daga (sword and dagger)
10. Daga y daga - Knife offense and defense (including throwing knifes)
11. Balisong (butterfly knife)
12. Bankaw (long staff)
13. Edged Yo-Yo (long range projectile weapon)
14. Dulo-Dulo (double edged pocket stick)
15. Handkerchief
16. Whip and Chain
17. Empty hand, knife and stick sparring (unprotected or with body armour)

Unique to the Filipino martial arts is the fact that, unlike other oriental martial arts, students learn the weapons first before moving on to the empty hands. The reason? ... A lot of the empty hand techniques come from either the knife, sword & dagger, single or double stick movements. Essentially, drilling with double weapons naturally increases empty hand co-ordination and sensitivity of both arms in equal measure.

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