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Bruce Lee Holding
Kamagong Kali Sticks
in 'Enter The Dragon'

Propagation of Filipino Martial Arts to the Outside World
Due to the Philippines constant invasion attempts by foreigners, teaching of the art was strictly prohibited for Non-Filipinos. However when Filipinos began settling around the world they began to expose some of their art and it was later brought to the attention of the world in 1970s when Bruce Lee began using Filipino weapons and their techniques in films such as 'Enter the dragon' and 'Game of Death' after having learnt Kali from his close Filipino friend Dan Inosanto. Dan Inosanto is the one of the few individals appointed by Bruce Lee to teach Jeet Kune Do ('way of the intercepting fist') - a blend of effective techniques taken from a variety of different martial arts.
Today Dan Inosanto teaches Bruce Lee's JKD along with Filipino martial arts. 'JKD Kali' is now the term more commonly used by JKD practitioners as a lot of the arts techniques are now drawn from the Filipino art.

Dan Inosanto & Bruce Lee

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